Op de momenten dat ik tijd over heb ben ik het liefst bezig met eigen illustratieve projecten. Via instagram houd ik deze het meest bij.

First Period 🩸

Getting your first period can be a bit terrifying. Your body doesn’t feel the same anymore and is transitioning into womanhood. Your head is spinning from all the hormones and feelings, sometimes you feel like it’s on fire! You don’t know what type of products you should use. Argh! We’ve all been there, some on the sideline and others went through it ;) 

You can do this! 

Here is my second week for the #6hexcodes challenge from @rmayani. This is my piece for the theme: Transition
The Leafer: fixer of broken leaves 🍁

A bit late to the game... But here is my first week for the #6hexcodes challenge from @rmayani. This is my piece for the theme: Autumn
My two favorite characters of Beetlejuice! Barb and Adam :D
Moroccan Monkey 🐵
Followed Charly Clements' @skillshare class: Fun With Symmetry.
"Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them." - Sarah Breedlove / Madame C.J. Walker
My guy updated his site and I created illustrations for it :D You can see them in action here:

Before my maternity leave I worked on an awesome project for LuckyBird! This Belgium company asked me to create a character to represent their brand. If you want to see more illustrations, please check their new website: 🐤
For our little boy, Fos, I created our own birth card. This is part of that card 👶
In celebration of Fos, our son that was recently born, I made some parent-related illustrations 👶
This tiger is a real team player! 🐯
Drew my first #drawthisinyourstyle :) Original artwork by @zymonna
Created a birthday calendar for our home! The whole calendar is available as a freebie, so you can print it yourself :) 

You can download it via
In our own garden we had a fence on one side that you could see through and see all the parked cars. It's a shame to look at the cars when the weather is good. I thought: this can be done differently! This alternative fence is 14 meters wide by 2 meters high. My biggest print project ever! The fence is printed on environmentally friendly PVC-free banners that are weather resistant and do not fade.

I wanted to show an imaginative world with a lot to discover, so that every time you sit in the garden you keep looking at the fence.
Somebody's got an ear obsession ;) 👂

My boyfriend is a fan of Haruki Murakami books and has devoured many of them. Some time ago he came across a bingo from the New York Times (created by Grant Snider) with subjects from his books. However, he thought there were a number of things that could be improved, so I helped him by creating these illustrations. 

Created a t-shirt as well!

This Haruki Murakami Bingo A1 poster can be downloaded as a freebie! Visit to download the poster :)
New plants discovered! 🌿Third one: Saggy Tits Plant 🤱

A number of scientists have discovered so-called boob plants. They asked me to illustrate these, including the Latin plant names. To give these plants as much attention as possible, I made A6 postcards out of it!
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Elk project wordt het beste afgerond wanneer we samen werken. Hoe meer breinen er bij elkaar zijn, hoe toffer de ideeën en illustraties worden. Dat kan alleen samen met jou.

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